Cyberpunk Anime Girl Blender Rig - EMILY

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After years of developing 3D anime in Blender, DillonGoo Studios is FINALLY releasing its first fully featured Anime-style Rig. It comes with both Blender and Goo Engine variations of the file with a single purchase.

Introducing EMILY - A Professional 3D Anime Rig. Made for Blender. Created by DillonGoo Studios.


Included in your purchase:

  • All future bug fixes, if any

  • Compatible with Blender 3.6+ and 4.0

  • Goo Engine 4.0 version of the rig included (recommended)

  • Full Character Model

  • Full Character Face + Body Rig (including Lip Sync)

  • Real-time Shading

  • Custom Normals Solution for Animation

  • Have any questions? Feel free to ask us at!


Goo Engine and Blender comparison:



Created by DillonGoo Studios LLC (@dillongoostudio)

Concept and Model by Ellie Swain (@rukikuri)

Rig by Antonio Garcia and AnimSebs (@soraninart and @animsebs)



This license grants you the non-exclusive right to use the assets on a royalty-free basis for personal or educational use, provided those purposes do not violate any of the following:

  • You may not sell, share or otherwise redistribute the assets in original or modified form.

  • You may not use Emily's character in any sexually explicit or politically offensive content

  • You may not misrepresent yourself as the creator or copyright holder of the original assets.

In other words, the copyright for the character "Emily" belongs to DillonGoo Studios LLC. This means you cannot use the character "Emily" for your own commercial projects. However, you are free to use this rig for your own personal projects, such as demo reel pieces or school projects, with credit to DillonGoo Studios. The easiest way to do that is to simply tag @dillongoostudio or @dillongoo when posting on social media!


Support is offered if you are experiencing technical issues or feel the product has been misrepresented in some way.

Support or refund requests can be made via